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Private guitar lessons are essential for helping you learn how to play the guitar. They provide you with an understanding of the guitar and music in general in a structured environment. Whether you're taking beginners guitar lessons or advanced, develop your own personal playing style as we help you nail the fundamentals so you can be jamming out to your favorite songs in no time!

Melbourne Guitar Lessons

If you've already got the fundamentals down then we can help stretch your skills and grow your guitar playing ability. Private guitar lessons are a great way to master your skills and learn new techniques. Our professional guitar tutors will work with you to help you reach your goals. A guitar teacher will be your biggest help in getting you from good to great!

Adult Guitar Lessons

Many adults are feel they missed their chance to learn an instrument when they were young, either because their brain was still developing or they had more free time. While we cant do much about the latter for you, the only two things you need to learn any instrument is time to practice and patience. Adult guitar lessons are catered with the age differences in mind so that you can draw out your full musical potential.

If you're not 100% happy

For any reason, if you aren't happy with guitar lessons in Melbourne, we'll give you either your money back or your next lesson for free.


Melbourne Guitar Lessons

Bass Guitar lessons

Looking to learn or develop your bass guitar skills? We got you covered. This is a great starting point for adult guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons | Online / In Person

We are totally flexible around you! We offer both in person or online to suit your needs. Enquire today to make a time that suits you

Beginner or intermediate bass guitar lessons

Beginners guitar lessons for the first time made easy, or stretching your understanding and skills you already have. No matter your skill level we can help you get you better!

Melbourne Guitar Coaches

Acoustic Guitar lessons

Looking to get into or master the acoustic guitar? Then we can help! Our team of professional instructors can get you on your way to your goals with some easy, flexible scheduling acoustic guitar lessons.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons | Online / In Person

We are totally flexible around your schedule! Offering both online acoustic lessons or in person to suit your needs. Enquire today to make a time that suits you.

Beginner or Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Learning for the first time is important to be taught the right way so you pick up the right habits. We make this easy and fun! Or do you already got some jamming skills? Then we can help you get even better! We provide both beginner guitar lessons or intermediate acoustic guitar lessons.


Melbourne Guitar Coaches

Electric Guitar lessons

Want to rock out to your favourite songs? We want to help you feel confident to own on the electric guitar. Regardless of your skill level we can help you get to the skill you want to be at.

Electric Guitar Lessons Online / In Person

We work around your lifestyle! To accommodate for this we offer both online electric guitar lessons or online. Hit us up to make a time that suits you today.

Beginner or intermediate bass guitar lessons

Learn for the first time in a stress free way or grow your knowledge and skills further if you already got the fundamentals. No matter your skill level we can help you get you better!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I didn't like my lesson?

We want to make sure that you're completely satisfied with our services, so you'll get your money back! All of it, in full, no questions asked. Or you can choose to credit your next lesson instead.

Can I do my guitar lesson online?

Many people are wary to try online guitar lessons because the instructor isn't able to physically correct your form or fingering. This is misguided, however, because because most guitar coaches will not make physical contact during the lesson. Our coaches can explain and demonstrate using tried and tested methods so you can learn to play properly.

What if I don't have a guitar or electronic gear?

If you don’t have all the gear that’s okay! If the lesson is in person, we’ll bring some of our own equipment to help you get started. Saves you spending money you don’t need to, especially if your just trying out if you like guitar or not. If you are having an online class, you will probably need your own gear. A great place to go shopping for guitars and accessories is But hey, we can try to make something work for you. Reach out!

How many guitar lessons do I need to be able to play on my own?

You should be able to play a simple song after your first lesson! If your keen and enjoy practicing then a few lessons may be all you need to be able to get into a good rhythm where you can hear a song, look it up and start playing it! Learning to read sheet music, listen for strumming patterns and timings can be easily picked up with a few coaching tips.


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Signed up for in-person and got a response after a few hours. I got in contact with James to discuss goals for the lessons. The lesson was pretty informative and I came away actually understanding how the guitar worked and being able to play something that sounded kind of nice with practice. The following lessons were similarly helpful and I am feeling way more confident playing now. Highly recommend if you're willing to practice.

Josh H.

Acoustic Guitar, in-person

I already had some guitar experience a few years ago from these guys Perth Guitar Lessons gave me a good start; but I moved to Melbourne and stopped my lessons, after some time my technique was really lacking. Over the course of the term I was able to improve a lot on my techniques with the guidance of my instructor.

Barbara K.

Electric Guitar, online

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